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Lucifer Season 3 "Same Devil, New Time" Promo (HD)

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Official Trailer | Season 1 | LUCIFER

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Lucifer 2x13 Lucifer reveals himself in Hell (2017) 4K ULTRA HD

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Lucifer Season 3 "It's Getting Hotter Than Ever" Promo (HD)

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LUCIFER SEASON 3: Tom Welling's New Role

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Lucifer 2x18 Ending Lucifer with Wings in Desert -Message to Chloe Season 2 Episode 18 Season Finale

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History Documentary 2016 - True Story about Lucifer - National Geographic Documentary

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Preview: It's Getting Hotter Than Ever | Season 3 | LUCIFER

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Lucifer Season 3 "Lucifer Reveals himself to Chloe" Promo (2017)

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1x08 Lucifer and suicide prevention : "If you want to jump go for it"

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